1. Data

Inequality and Politics Survey (2019)

 2. PhD theses

Max Joosten

"Pressuring platforms: how party programs shape and are shaped", Department of Political Science and International Relations, University of Geneva.


3. Working papers

"Looking for information? A survey experiment on citizens' information seeking behaviour", Working paper n°47, Nathalie Giger (University of Geneva) and Elisa Volpi (University of Geneva)


4. Publications

Jan Rosset. 2022
"Perceptions of (unequal) responsiveness and their consequences for electoral participation", Journal of European public policy.(doi: 10.1080/13501763.2022.2094989)


 5. Public Outreach

"Ökonomische Ungleichheit: Wenn Wissen und Handeln auseinanderklaffen",  DeFacto,  article Nathalie Giger, Davy-Kim Lascombes and Elisa Volpi, 21 avril 2023.