1. Data

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2. PhD theses

Elif Naz Kayran, 2020.
"Political Responses and Electoral Behaviour at Times of Socioeconomic Risk Inequalities and Immigration."
Graduate Institute of international and Development Studies, Geneva.


3. Working papers

"Unequal Responsiveness and Government Partisanship in Northwest Europe", Working paper n°31, Ruben Berge Mathisen (University of Bergen), Wouter Schakel (University of Amsterdam), Svenja Hense (Goethe University Frankfurt), Lea Elsässer (University of Münster and University of Duisburg-Essen), Mikael Persson (University of Gothenburg), Jonas Pontusson (University of Geneva)


4. Publications

Jan Rosset. 2021
When  Explanations for Poverty Help Explain Social Policy Preferences: The  Case of European Public Opinion Amidst the Economic Recession  (2009–2014), Social Justice Research, vol. 34, n° 4, p. 428-459. Co-authored with Lionel Marquis.


 5. Public Outreach

Futurum issue 008, May 2021, article about the ERC project