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Unequal Democracies is a five-year research program directed by Jonas Pontusson and funded by the European Research Council (Advanced Grant 741538). 

Rising inequality represents a pervasive trend across liberal democracies over the last two decades.  Particularly striking is the fact that rich households’ shares of income and wealth have risen sharply in most of these countries.  The Unequal Democracies program explores how rising income and wealth inequality affects democratic politics.  Our core premise is that two distinct streams of recent research must be brought together in order to address this overarching question.  One of these research streams focuses on how inequality affects the policy preferences of different citizens; the other research stream addresses the effects of inequality on the responsiveness of parties and governments to the policy preferences of different citizens.

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12.12.2017: 12:15-14:00, Room M3220 Cancelled
David Rueda (Oxford), “Income, identity and voting: Redistribution preferences and immigration in Western Europe.”

12.12.2017: 14:15, Room M2160
Defence of Nadja Mosimann's Thesis, "Solidarity in Times of Inequality: Trade Union Politics and Union Membership Effects"