Unequal Democracies Seminar 2019-2020

Spring 2020

Program poster

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March 5: 14.15-16.00, M3393, "Perception of Positional Economic Suffering and Support for Radical Left and   Radical Right Parties in Europe"
Brian Burgoon (University of Amsterdam)

March 26
: 14.15-16.00, M3393, “The Swedish Sonderweg in Question: Democratisation and Inequality in  Comparative Perspective, c.1750­-1920”
Erik Bengtsson (University of Lund)

April 2
: 14.15-16.00, M 3393, “Integrative Institutions and Mainstream Party Collapse: The Regional   Context”
Jane Gingrich (University of Oxford)

April 30
: 14.15-16.00, M3393, “Ambition, Gender, Class, and Office-Holding in Democracies”
Noam Lupu (Vanderbilt University)

May 4:
12.15-14.00, M4276, “Inequality in Politicians’ Perceptions of Public Opinion”
Julie Sevenans (University of Antwerp)

Mai 7
: 14.15-16.00, M3393, “Where You Sit is Where You Stand: Democratic Legitimacy and the Norm of    Descriptive Representation”
Yvette Peters (University of Bergen)

May 11
: 12.15-14.00, M4276, “Wealth Inequality in Political Perspective”
Ben Ansell (University of Oxford)


Fall  2019

October 10: 14.15-16.00, M5389, “Voter preferences for Candidates with Different Social Backgrounds and Programmatic Commitments.”
Reto Wüest (University of Bergen) and Jonas Pontusson (UniGe)

October 14: 12:15-14:00, M4276, “Unions and Migrant Rights in the Long Run.”
Johannes Lindvall (Lund University)

October 31: 14:15-16:00, M5389, “Income Inequality and Unions: How Economic Disparities Weaken Labor Institutions and Reinforce Themselves in Democratic Politics”
Michele Fenzl (University of Zürich)

November 8: 12:15-14:00, M5389, "Group Inequality and Redistributive Preferences in Western Democracies"
Bastian Becker (Universität Bremen)