Line Rennwald


Line Rennwald received her PhD from the University of Geneva in 2013.   Her PhD project analyzed changes in working-class electoral support for mainstream Left parties in Austria, France, Germany, Switzerland and the UK.  Line was a visiting PhD student at Nuffield College, Oxford, for the calendar year 2012.  Since completing her PhD, Line has been a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Amsterdam (2014-16), the University of Lausanne (2016) and the European University Institute (2016-18).   For Unequal Democracies, Line works on the perceptions of representation among citizens as well as new trends in class voting, exploring how perceptions of one’s own political influence vary by social class and income.  She also contributes to the module on unions, analysing the effects of union membership on political participation and political attitudes based on our original survey data. 

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Publications related to Unequal Democracies:

Rennwald, L., Pontusson, J. (2019). Paper Stones Revisited: Class Voting, Unionization and the Electoral Decline of the Mainstream Left”, Unequal democracies Working paper N°6 March 2019, University of Geneva, Geneva.

Mosimann, N., Rennwald, L., A. Zimmermann (2019). “The Radical Right, the Labour Movement, and the Competition for the Workers’ Vote”, Economic and Industrial Democracy 40(1): 65–90.

“Union members at the polls in diverse trade union landscapes.” European Journal of Political Research v. 55, no.4 (2016), 702–722.  Co-authored with Christoph Arndt.

“Workplace Characteristics and Working Class Vote for the Old and New Right.” British Journal of Industrial Relations, v.55, no.1 (2017), 137–164. Co-authored with Christoph Arndt.