Jonas Pontusson


Jonas Pontusson holds a BA from Amherst College (1978) and a PhD from the University of California at Berkeley (1984).  Prior to moving to Geneva in 2010, he taught at Cornell University (1984-2005) and Princeton University (2005-10).  He has been a visiting scholar at Nuffield College (Oxford), the Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study in Social Sciences (Uppsala), the Russell Sage Foundation (New York), Sciences Po (Paris) and the Hertie School of Governance (Berlin).  Jonas has a long-standing interest in the comparative politics of inequality and redistribution, with an emphasis on labor-market dynamics and the role of trade unions.  He has written extensively on Swedish social democracy and also contributed to the literature on varieties of capitalism.  Alongside Unequal Democracies, Jonas is engaged in a project on post-Fordist growth models with Lucio Baccaro, supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation.  As principal investigator, Jonas is responsible for the organization and overall coherence of the Unequal Democracies program and implicated in all the research projects that the program encompasses.   


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